by mr unknown

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i never thought it would be this way!


i got my beat ,my mic,
my swag on lock
me n folk folk set
im fiddin to dazzle tha chain
off their neck
one of the real from tha set
as i on my becks
n a 0z of tha train wreck
u aint heard that
gone get back u slo mo
im all go fist in the air pro black
as we ride cuz,that real buzz
popimpin ,everywhere folk get love
team nique,zone 3,lil c,ray ray
thats g how i rep tha bay
n i need an ok
trust to the day
im a find that way
i m rock that crowd
with my cozzelles
guarantee mama gone yell
started small
but that bitch swells
another witness
that another mutherfucker
already rock tha bell
str multi task
n daddy do it well
if i lift the cage
truss u kno rebel
cause u feel tha pain
cause 808 folk
3d bust a ur brain
geek mnonsters from tha strain
as pit tha shit
wink to the most high
for allowin a bvrothe r tpo entertain
no hold back
lete em feel tha pain
n if u fogot my name
dang that wrong
mistermister unknown

not no name
but shout out to that fool to
we both from the zulu
atl zoo
to all my bushi folk
yeah i fooled u
i m hood proff
n ur high class ways
make me feel puke juice
allegic to the fake
num to it all
oh i realized i blowin up
the more they hate
hey u aint kno
give a sec
let me demonstrate
how many sale recepts
will it take
for u to know i dont just get by
folk folk i crump shake
take the mic
n give it shape
alll the funds comin out the safe
bust in the security room
n snatch tha tape
u perpertratin
n we dont dont play
forget what the say
mr unknown
from no maan land
living legend
in this place
sho up dead up in ur place
n punch u dead up in ur face
bow,eye talkin wow bitch
i dont see mitches,im hungry
ur punk ass look delicious!
my style stay vigorous
swaglishes n piipen
they mad thy should a but thye didnt
so they snitching
wonderin y when they speak
ijust pass by n dont listen
we aint the same bby
im on another


released 17 September 2014



all rights reserved


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